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ZIPHYR delivery is a community minded, Canadian owned and operated company.

Nestled in the shadow of the Rockies in Mountain View County, our plants are carefully brought to harvest in our purpose-built 55,200 square foot facility.


Lets reimagine the way we do food

The global food system is in desperate need of an overhaul. We're a community using digital collectibles to reimagine how we grow and distribute food.

The problem

For the last 10,000 years the human footprint has expanded exponentially to keep up with our increasing population. The majority of that growth has been to feed everyone, but it has come at the expense of our forests, soil, and animals.

The approach

Vertical farming is a relatively new technology, but has the potential to reverse the negative impacts caused by millennia of agricultural expansion. We're collaborating with non-profits, small businesses, and industry leaders to bring vertical farms to cities across world.

the impact

Our goal is to accelerate the integration of farms into cities. This solution solves a myriad of problems, including: reducing pesticide use, conserving our global forests, and providing access to a resilient and regenerative food supply for billions of people.

Were building a Great Green Garden

Many of us know that agriculture is the driving force behind the rise of civilization. The human race began a gradual transition away from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle toward a crop producing and animal raising way of life as early as 11,000 BCE. However, few people are aware that the transition to agriculture is thought to have happened concurrently in many parts of the world, including northern China, Central America, and the Middle East. This hints at the fact that the transition to agriculture was global and independant. While it' s difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons behind the shift to agriculture, there are many theories that attempt to explain the motivations for this change. One theory suggests that the transition was sparked by a population boom, which created pressure on resources and forced people to find new ways to sustain themselves. Another theory posits that the changing climate played a role, as the earth began to warm and drought became more common. This made it difficult to sustain a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and pushed people to look for new ways to find food. We are at a similar crossroads in our story. The way we produce food is putting a strain on our natural resources. The time has come for us to find a new way to feed the world.

Venice, Italy

"Coming together to build a globally distributed network of vertical farms."

Brooklyn, Newyork
Mumbai, India

Our goal is to accelerate humanity's transition to true food security. This is a truly monolithic project so we gave it a name to reflect that fact: The Great Green Garden. Each season, the community bands together to choose a city and then plants a vertical garden. We also want to make it fun and engaging for people of all ages! So join us today and let's get started on the Great Green Garden!

Calabar, nigeria
Calagary, Canada

Originally known as the "the city in a garden" Chicago is a place that represents growth and transition. For our premiere drop we'll be partnering with Freight to Plate to bring our first Garden to Chicago, IL

Our goals for global Garden domination

Place a purchase order for 2 vertical farms

Our manufacturing partner Freight farms will begin production on 2 vertical farms.

Release the Great Green Garden Collection

On August 29th, 2022, Garden club is releasing the first season of our Great Green Garden collection. There will be a total of 1000 pieces valued at 1 ETH

Drop the Profit farm

The Profit farm will be deployed in northern Chicago supplying local grocers and restaurants with fresh organic food all year round.

Drop the Purpose farm

The Purpose farm will be deployed into community with help from integration partner Freight to plate. 

Celebrity Chef Gala Event

50 Collectible holders will be given the opportunity to attend the Itsgiving gala hosted by our community partner commonscollective. The night will be filled with with and incredible interactive dining experience prepared and delivered by a celebrity chef.

Looking to greener pastures

As the garden expands we’ll be looking to extend our resources to assist local farmers through low interest loans, regenerative land use grants and equity investment. 

Working with trusted partners to bring innovation to philanthropy.

We're partnering with mission-aligned NGO and Charities to bring your virtual donations into real world. Charities or NGOs interested in working with us, get in touch with our partnerships team!

Get in touch


We are an organization for collective benefit on a mission to provide infrastructure for collective global food production. We've included this FAQ section In case you missed anything

What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers.It often incorporates controlled-environment agriculture, which aims to optimize plant growth, and soilless farming techniques such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics.

Vertical farming can play an essential role in reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. It reduces the amount of water and land required to produce the same or higher amount of food. It also removes the need for long transportation and the use of chemicals and pesticides.

What are digital collectibles?

Web3 allows for collaboration and co-ordination on scales only previously imagined. This is a highly innovative space which values inter-connectivity and transparency. We believe that projects like this are the future of philanthropy.

What are the funds being used for?

A portion of the funds will be used to fund the purchase of 2 vertical farms in the Chicago area. Another portion will be used to seed a yield farm, which will ensure the long term financial viability of the network.

Are there any rewards for buying this collectible?

This NFT is an experiment in on-chain philanthropy. We're in it for the long haul so we've designed the collection to reward club members that share our long term vision. We’ll be announcing specific rewards and reward tiers in the near future.

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